Get to the Root of Your Tree Problem

Get to the Root of Your Tree Problem

Hire professional tree removal services in Culpeper, VA

Is your yard bogged down with overgrown trees? Are overhanging limbs weighing on your roof? 1 Solution in Culpeper, VA is your local tree care company specializing in tree removal, tree trimming and preventive maintenance services. Our tree care experts can safely and efficiently handle even your biggest, most challenging tree problems, from bringing down dead or dangerous trees to reshaping trees and shrubs.

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Leave your tree care to the professionals

When you're in need of professional tree care, look no further than 1 Solution. Our comprehensive tree services include:

Tree removal - We specialize in dangerous tree removal and can safely remove trees growing close to homes and power lines.
Tree trimming - We can trim away low-hanging branches, remove widowmaker branches and reshape unruly trees.
Planting - Ornamental trees and shrubs add color and texture to your landscape, and we plant beautiful trees that suit your landscape.
Storm damage cleanup - Our professionals have the equipment and manpower to clear away fallen trees and branches after a storm.
Preventive maintenance - We offer full tree care, from preventing tree disease to straightening tree trunks.

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